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About me

TrilinguExpert is the result of a passion for languages and 20 years of successful work experience abroad and in France within international foreign companies.

Working abroad in the 80's as teacher in the English-speaking part of Canada (Toronto and Winnipeg), and later back to France, I joined major foreign international firms and worked as executive for 15 years. My work was related to international activities and included business English and business Spanish on a daily basis with colleagues, customers, and suppliers abroad.

Here is an outline of my professional experience :

Teacher in Canada (Toronto and Winnipeg)

Executive in the following foreign companies :

Motherwell Bridge /Scottish engineering oil company.

Next / subsidiary in Paris of Steve Jobs' new company in the States. The world famous Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, ambitioned in the 90's to commercialize in France a new extraordinary powerful computer.

3 years at Chubb, a well known American insurance company settled in 28 countries with more than 100 offices worldwide.

8 years in Cesce, a major Spanish group specialized in Export Credit Insurance. Offices were located in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.


TrilinguExpert grew out of this extraordinarily rewarding multicultural business experience. TrilinguExpert addresses the contemporary needs of today's business environment..

With globalization of today's markets, a command of foreign languages in a professional context is essential.

Grounded in real world business experiences, I bring:

A command French, English, and Spanish
Knowledge of the international business world and a closeness I shared with its professionals
20 years' multicultural work experience


Quality and professionalism is my commitment to my clients.
My passion for languages will translate into profit and success for your company.


TrilinguExpert holds client information and activities strictly confidential.


Certificate of Proficiency in English Cambridge University
Degree in Commercial English British Chamber of Commerce
Certificate in Spoken English British Institute
Diploma de Español Comercial Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España


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