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Specialist of Business languages professional English and Spanish


Communicate with the world

The command of foreign languages in a professional context is essential to develop sound international relationships, communicate with potential customers abroad, and have access to new markets.

The business world is changing, markets are getting more international, jobs and careers evolve. Communicating well with the world in your everyday business activity is a real asset.

TrilinguExpert provides language services to help you meet new requirements, new challenges, and convey a professional image of your company.

TrilinguExpert offers 3 types of specialized services :

Training courses for professionals wishing to improve and consolidate their business skills in professional English and Spanish and acquire intercultural knowledge very valuable in international business relationships.


Intra - company training for groups or individuals
Modular and Flexible units - Innovative solutions


A translation service


- Personal professional documents
- Company documents (commercial, technical etc.)




- Business meetings
- Commercial negociations
- Company visits
- Exhibitions and fairs


A counceling activity in recruitment of international positions in which the command of English and/or Spanish in a business context is essential.


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