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Setting the standard for Business english !

These courses are comprehensive and stimulating! They consist of general business English and are particularly suited for people who use English in their professional lives and who have experience in business environments .

Particularly focused on listening and speaking, it will build your confidence in a wide range of real life business situations.

Based on authentic, up to date material of the business world, you will improve your communication skills and cultural awareness. The modules also contain a large range of essential business vocabulary and grammar.

The course has two levels: Intermediate and upper intermediate presented through 24 modular units for groups of 2 to 8 people or individuals.

Business topics include for example :

Course 1 - Intermediate level

The Company A working day / Corporate Culture
Business relationships Financing the start-up / Cultural issues / Team work
Finance Describing statistics / Company finances / Starting up
Production and selling Processes and procedures / Distribution / Advertising and marketing
Human ressources Staff development / Staff facts and figures


Course 2 - Upper Intermediate level

Marketing Establishing relationships / Negociating / Developping a product / A stand at a trade fair
Starting new business Financing the start-up / Presenting your business ideas
Custumers relations Communication with customers / Clients correspondance / A business seminar
New technologies Using the internet / Outsourcing
Business travel Conferences / Business reports

Each unit contains listening, writing and speaking material and essential vocabulary input on each business topic.



Mastering Business Spanish will open you new doors and will boost your professional career.


New Commercial exchanges between France and Spain keep emerging. French investments in Spain increase every year. France is the first export destination for Spanish companies. This business environment is very dynamic and becoming more competitive at the European level.

France and Spain are natural commercial partners because of their geographical closeness and because they share the same Latinity. Spanish is spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide and is the second commercial language after English used in international exchanges. Mastering Spanish is an additional guarantee for success in the business world.

Win your place in the Hispanic Business World.

Whether you are an International Development Manager, Export Manager, Sales Person, Export Assistant, or Project Manager, you will have one day to meet this new challenge : communicate in a simple and efficient way with Hispanic speakers.

These training courses are best suited for people with a fair level of Spanish and who need to use it in their professional lives.

Through authentic material, you will listen to Spanish entrepreneurs and executives speak about their experiences, challenges, and strategies - a new generation of Spanish business leaders !

This method will help you in :

Becoming more proficient in international business.
Communicating efficiently in negotiations, presentations, and business meetings.
Acquiring intercultural knowledge
Developing flexibility
Gain confidence


Course 1 - Intermediate level
8 units divided into 16 modules for groups of 2 to 8 people or individuals

These courses are stimulating and interactive. They develop understanding and speaking skills and explore business and cultural issues of the Hispanic world.

Business topics include :

Entrepreneurs in Spain.
Corporate Culture.
The Image and the Brand.
Economic sectors.
Small & medium size companies.
Marketing and advertising.


Course 2 - Advanced level
9 units for group of 2 to 8 people or individuals

Through real life situations and dialogs based on up to date audiovisual material, you will be launched into the dynamic business world of today's Spain! The modules comprise both an understanding of expressions and practice incorporating adapted vocabulary. Acquiring intercultural knowledge is essential to work with Spanish speakers.

Each module includes :

A dialog on audiovisual material.
Understanding or oral expression exercices.
Group activities.
Acquisition of an adapted vocabulary.
Discussions and debates.
Intercultural input.



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